05 April 2009

Things that work my nerves

People who do not use their turn signals. Even when just changing lanes.

People who do not turn their lights on in the fog or rain.

(I guess those first two thing should have gone onto my driving is hard blog, huh?)

Commercials on TV. Lately I have been watching TV a little more than I normally do (IOW, like a few hours a week) in order to escape reality on the SciFi channel for a little bit. And all the mind-numbing commercials really remind me why I don't watch TV in general. When I have my parents here the damned TV will be on most of the day with CNN. Grrr. At least Anderson Cooper is cute. :)


Complainers. Of course this post is all complaining and whining, so you might think I am being a hypocrite here. But I am honestly not one of those people. Usually. :)


My new neighbors. They bought the million-dollar neo-contemporary Dutch Colonial next door, and have a habit now of blasting music in their back yard. Makes me not feel so bad when my dogs bark outside.

Not being able to sleep.