05 April 2009

Change is afoot

Hi Everybody! Well... Once again is has been forever since I posted here. I am sorry for that. I am going to endeavor to post more regularly from now on.

It sure has been a roller coaster around here since I last posted. I made the difficult decision to leave my job at Halliburton (Landmark) in order to focus on taking care of my parents. Not the best time to do this, with the economy as it is, but assisted living is just not working out for my parents. I have to go up North and get them to bring them down here. I am leaving on a 6 AM flight this morning to do that, and for some reason I cannot sleep anymore tonight. I will put them in an apartment with a home health aid to come in every day to keep and eye on them. I want to find something close to my house for them so it is easy for me to run over there and check on them. Please cross your fingers for success for me for this second attempt to get them down here. I need all the help I can get. They have agreed to come down here more whole-heartedly this time. Again, fingers crossed!

I am so burned out. My job was a seriously high-stress position, and I have to admit that I was not 110% happy there. I need a few months time to sort out what I want to do when I grow up while I deal with emptying and selling my parents' house up in NJ. My good friend Dena has been kind enough to be keeping an eye on the house and gathering whatever mail the P.O. has managed not to forward. Now that is a bizarre one: Some of the mail is getting forwarded to me and some of it is not. What a whip.

So major changes afoot in my life. The pups have been transferred to Austin to my ex's so they don't have to be with a sitter while I am gone. Also, my folks will be staying with me (eek!) until their apartment is ready (wherever it is) on May 1 and I do not want two big dogs around to be knocking them over!

Major changes afoot elsewhere: Grasshopper has moved to OH with a great new job to be closer to her parents. Sparklepony is evolving his blog, and it is as interesting as ever. One thing that has not changed is SHG being my rock that I can rely on for support, and for that I am grateful.