30 December 2007

I have become lazy

OK. I admit it (not that I ever denied it) - I am an SUV-head. I actually need mine, for pulling a boat, trucking dogs around, etc. I have some kind of Jeep-thing since I became a Geologist, oh, well, a long-friggin' time ago.

But I have become lazy: Whereas I could have made two trips to the vet for four cats, I made two. Well, in Stepford I had the house call vet, so that was not an issue. I embarked on a little home-improvement project, and have been just throwing shit back there. When SHG and I go to Target, well it is obvious which vehicle we will take to facilitate shopping.
Road trip? Gas be damned, it's the haul-all your shit in comfort English Cottage!

Oh, there is one other practical consideration: The roads here in Houston. Most of the time they blow. Chunks. Out of the road and up into the car. I just go barrelling over and through whatever is in the way, something I have had to stop when zipping around in the new toy. I do want new plates: EVOM, though the E won't flip right when viewed in somebodies rear-view mirror.